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-I am sorry about this delay in the sending of this email about MY EXPERIENCE with your team, but I have been so busy (even being out of town) that I almost forgot to send this appreciation notice to your entire team at the office. The experience was so thoroughly professional that I have nothing to report except how satisfying it was for my "first" implant. Dr. Luke's style is so caring that the patient simply moves through the experience without any fear or concern for his ability or decisions. His explanation of each detail in the process makes the patient's understanding crystal clear and thereby allows the patient to realize exactly what is happening in the process. This is always a wonderful hope for any patient. The Moon Dental Team offers a wonderful hospitality as soon as the patient enters the door. Jill is very helpful in guiding the patient through the procedures and does all in her power to accommodate the needs of each patient. Being welcomed when one enters into a dentist's office goes a long way to make the experience "of the chair" less frightening. Once the patient is welcomed "into the chair" Mary's style is perfect for the process. Her explanation of what is to happen, and how it will be accomplished gives the patent a great sense of understanding. Her expertise in each aspect of the procedure is quite professional, and her decisions are always made for the comfort of the patient. (i.e., the tooth that she suggested for my implant could not have been chosen any better --- family and friends continue to remind me that IT LOOKS like it grew out of my jaw, rather than being set there as an implant!). All in all my experience with Dr. Luke and the Moon Dental Team could not have been more satisfying. I am so glad that my brother and sister-in-law (Paul and Anne) recommended your team to me and I will certainly be one who will recommend you to any person who is in need of a professional dental team with expertise!

-I cracked my tooth and a large piece fell off several weeks ago. Dr. Luke (David) advised that I needed a crown and made a temporary crown that I didn't even realize was in my mouth. My permanent crown came in early and the wonderful Marie fit me in today. My new crown fits so perfectly and the"installation" was painless without the numbing shot. A pleasant painless dental procedure? Imagine that! Plus add a professional and, caring staff. You deserve 10 stars!

- I have been a patient with Dr. David Luke since he began his practice in the Moon office. He inherited me from the former dentist. I was in the process of having dental implants and a full upper denture applied. That process is now complete. His knowledge and patient care were greatly appreciated by me and I'm well pleased with the results. This is, by far, the best way to go for those of us facing dentures. The denture remains in place. Aesthetically no one can tell them from my own. Thank you, Dr. Luke. 

-  Dr. Luke was able to fit me in when I was unable to be seen by anyone else. I had to have work done ASAP and Dr. Luke took care of me. He is a great person and I will definitely be back to see him again (under much better circumstances). I would highly recommend him to anyone! A1 service!

- I had braces put on my bottom teeth to correct severe movement and chipping. Dr. Luke and his team were great and very affordable. They worked around my schedule and less than 5 months later my teeth are perfect and straight, I wish I would have done it sooner! The great part is, they let you decide when you have had enough or want more treatment, that made me feel extremely comfortable. I would recommend this dentistry to my friends and family.

- My family and I recently started seeing Dr. Luke and we couldn't be happier! He provides a fun and relaxing environment and you can tell he truly cares about his patients and the work he does! It feels like you're visiting a friend when you walk in because he is so personable. I have never gotten so excited to go to the dentist! My most recent visit was to fix an ugly tooth on the top and front. He made sure it was just right, and wouldn't let me leave until it was perfect! I am so happy with the results. --Thank you so much! I can't wait to smile all the time now and show off these choppers!!!-- I would DEFINITELY recommend Moon Family and Cosmetic Dental to anyone who wants to have a beautiful, healthy smile and a pleasant experience along the way :)

- Dr Luke, thank you for all that you have done for me.  I have never expressed care like this in the past.  Honestly there is nothing I can say to express how thankful I am for all the effort you put into my dental care.

- From the first appointment until the final procedure, my treatment from Dr Luke has been a resounding success.  We spent numerous times discussing and fine-tuning the treatment plan until deciding upon the perfect plan for me.  Ultimately the veneer work done by Dr Luke is remarkable, eliminating the gaps I used to see every day in the mirror.  I’m truly grateful for the efforts of Dr. Luke and his team, and could not be happier with the final results. 

-  I wanted to take the opportunity to write a personal thank you for caring for my daughter.  She had trauma to her face, lips, gums, and front teeth when she fell off her bike.  My wife was thoroughly impressed with the manner in which you and your staff attended to her needs.  She was especially grateful that you immediately cleared your schedule so you could address my daughter’s needs.  Furthermore, she commented on how you called in an oral surgeon, made available the x-ray assistant, and generally dedicated your attention to her.  You were empathetic toward her which helped to ease her.   I am currently deployed.  Needless to say, it’s somewhat unsettling when a loved one is hurt or suffers due to an injury or illness.  I want to let you know that based on what my family has told me, I am thankful of the care you provided them.  Your actions and sincere focus on my daughter’s wellbeing also offer me reassurance that my family is in good hands while I’m away from home.  On behalf of my family, I thank you for your outstanding service and devotion.  I am certain my family is not the first to witness your sense of urgency, consideration, and proficiency.  I know what you’re thinking… “you were just doing your job.” And a great job you did.  I’m proud to have a wingman like you on my side. Thank you. 

- Dr Luke did my exam at the last visit.  He is the best dentist that I have ever encountered.  His bedside manner is impeccable and he is very courteous to his fellow staff and patients.  A great example. 

- This dental clinic is awesome.  I’ve never felt so well taken care of.  

- Dr Luke is absolutely amazing!  He has wonderful customer service.

- Dr Luke is the best dentist I’ve ever had.  I’ll refer everyone to him. 

- Dr Luke was outstanding. He and his team were very professional and made me feel very comfortable in the chair.  He is fantastic.

- Dr Luke is GREAT!

- Dentist and services were exceptional.  Please pass on my sincere thanks for a job well done.

- Dr Luke is phenomenal.  During the past 2 months I’ve seen him 4 times.  His attitude is awesome and he explains every step to you well before beginning.  In 20 years I’ve only come across a few dentists like him.

- Dr Luke is superb!

- Great staff.  Always helpful and they care about their patients.

- Dr Luke is an amazing dentist.  Honestly, he is the best I have ever had.  The fillings he did in the past were accomplished quickly, painless, and the tooth is smooth and neat.  He expresses a lot of passion for his job, which makes me feel at ease compared to many of the other dentists I have experienced.

- As always, Dr Luke and the team were amazing.  They really make the patient feel as though they have their best interest in mind.

- Dr Luke and the team seem to genuinely care about the patient and make the visits to the dentist quite pleasant.  His friendly and cheerful attitude can put anyone at ease when lying in the chair.

- As always, Dr Luke and team were extremely helpful.

- Outstanding, professional staff with exceptional customer service! It was an honor to be treated by them.  What a phenomenal team.

- Extremely helpful, friendly, proficient, and skilled.  I feel Dr Luke went above the scope of normal care to ensure that I was content with my teeth.  Thanks!

- I am always impressed with my visits to the clinic.

- Very nice and helpful

- True professionals.  We need more people like this.  Great services.  Best visit I have ever had in any clinic.

- Dr Luke did a fantastic job of explaining everything to me.  Great results!

- Dr Luke and the team are extremely professional, courteous, and technically skilled.  Despite the lack of enjoyment in dental care, I found the experience to be pleasant based on the way I was treated.

- Dr Luke was very thorough with the examination.  He clearly communicated the options and risks associated with each one.

- Dr Luke is super friendly and knowledgeable.  I could not have had a better dentist help me at this time.  He was friendly with everyone he spoke with, not just me.  He has genuine concern.

- Dr Luke exemplifies customer care and technical ability.  

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